Sheep Breed Wool Roving

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Wool isn't necessarily just wool.  There are scads of sheep breeds out there, and each one produces different wool with unique structure and features.  Try your hand at spinning something new! Each roving braid is 100 g of fibre and includes an info sheet on the breed.

Rambouillet: Fine and even, 6-10 cm staple length, and 19 to 25 microns
Shetland - Black: Fine and soft, 5-12 cm staple length, and 20 to 25 microns
Dorset: Medium and bright white, 7-10 cm staple length, and 27 to 33 microns
Suffolk: Medium and dense, 8-10 cm staple length, and 28 to 33 microns
Scottish Blackface: Coarse and strong, with variable staple length and fineness

All wool fibre are raised and produced in Canada.