Ashford Protein Dyes (CMYK) 4 Pack

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The 4pk is based on printers ink colours – CMYK and has one 10gm each of Turquoise, Bright Pink, Bright Yellow and Coal.

Ashford dyes have no fillers or salts, they are 100% concentrated so very economic - 10gm of dye powder will dye 1kg of fibre at the full 1% concentration (even more if making lighter shades).

Very easy, safe, and convenient to use as they only require a heat source (microwave, steam, pot, etc.) and white vinegar or citric acid to fix the dyes.  All dyes comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  For more information, go to Ashford's dyeing tutorials.

For use with all protein fibres - wool, silk, alpaca, feathers, fur, cashmere, angora, etc.

Create a wide range of colours and shades.