Black Mask Handspun Local Klondike Wool - Solid Worsted

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If you're looking for a uniquely Yukon yarn, look no further than Black Mask Handspun yarn.  This yarn is made from local Klondike wool from sheep raised downriver of Dawson City, just past Moosehide.  The wool is hand processed in Dawson City - not sent outside to a mill for processing.  Wool is hand washed using soap and water, and hand dyed using plants/plant extract that was either grown or foraged locally when possible, or sourced from Maiwa.  All fibre is carded on a manual hand-cranked drum carder, and then spun on a double treadle spinning wheel.

Skeins contain approximately 50 yds/45 m.
Handspun: worsted weight.

Each skein is incredibly unique, and variation between skeins are a given.  The photographed skein is the best representation of what each colourway looks like, but may not be exactly as shown, and can differ through different monitors. 

Fibre Contents:
Icelandic Wool - 100% Klondike-raised Icelandic sheep
Klondike Wool - Unknown mixed sheep raised in the Klondike
Icelandic & Klondike Blend - 80% Icelandic wool and 20% Klondike wool
Smeagol's Wool - Smeagol was an orphaned and hand-raised Shetland/Cheviot cross.